Queue Management System
Q-Touch is a fully automated Queue Management System, which can be used in various organizations like Banks, Government Offices etc. The system comprises of different applications and hardware. This is ideal for organizations which has different branches at different locations. The application can be used to configure each branch separately and also transfer data from Head Quarters to Branch and vice versa.

Correct management of Fixed Assets can have a substantial impact on the profitability of any company. Corporate taxation and insurance can be cut substantially by removing retired assets from the depreciation schedule. Manpower is saved through easy access to the corporate asset register, enabling staff to quickly locate and deploy assets as needed. Safety, risk and asset life are optimized through correct retirement and servicing, and money is saved through asset reuse, increased reliability and effective procurement.

Time Attendance Solution is used for organizing and controlling the work times for the employees by connecting the Finger Scanner , Magnetic Card Readers using Proximity cards. It is a simple to use application providing accurate information of the employees in and out transaction entries that are made through any type of attendance reader.
ID Card Solutions Plastic Cards are all around us and are part of everyday life. They are for business, agencies, schools and organization. GIC provides you with a card designing Service that is second to none. With ID Card Designing Solutions you can link the design database, encode magnetic stripe, process smart cards and create effects.

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